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Today the subject is the best travel photo awards by National Geographic that just had a great event called “Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017”, and we will present to you the most top awards. The pictures are great, it was difficult to judge choose a winner. So many professionals doing an amazing work presenting your best photos. The contest was divided into three categories: Nature, City, and People. The Grand Prize winner was running in the Nature category.

The Power of Nature – by Sergio Tapiro Velasco

In 2017 Sergio Tapiro won these awards:
National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year – Grand Prize Winner
National Geographic Nature Category Winner
PDN the Great Outdoors Grand Prize, Professional Category
Windland Smith Rice, Landscapes Category Winner
IMS Photo Contest, Mountain Photo of the Year, First Prize
Montphoto, Montaña Honorary Mention & People’s Choice Award
Oasis Photo Contest Honorary Mention
The Paris Photo Prize, Prix de la Photografie, Nature/Earth Honorable Mentionnational geographic

He took this picture of Colima Volcano, Mexico on December 13th, 2015.

national geographic

To Live – by Hiromi Kano

On this photograph Hiromi Kano wants to represent the beauty of a swan, even living in the middle of the mud. national geographic

Marble Caves – by Clane Gessel

Clane Gessel is worldwide awards winner, known as “wedding photographer”. This photo got Honorable Mention Nature, it was taken in Patagonia, Clane and his father drove ten hours to get to this place when they reached inside. They chartered a boat to get close to this nature art.

national geographic

Buff Tailed Coronet – by Hymakar Valluri

Hymakar Valluri took this photograph in the Ecuadorian Forest, he was amazed by how many hummingbirds had there. He took his camera got out of the car and start shooting as many pictures as he could. This photo won People’s Choice, Nature.national geographic

Sand Porter – by MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He represents the manifestation of beauty in many forms. MD has won many national awards and more than three hundred internationally. On National Geographic’s Contest, this picture won People’s Choice Winner, People.

national geographic

Levels of reading – by Norbert Fritz

Norbert Fritz took this photo is from the modern interior of the city library in Stuttgart. On the top, they have windows to let natural light come inside and give this peaceful atmosphere, perfect to study. On National Geographic’s Contest, this picture won First Place Winner, Cities

national geographic

Colorful Market – by Kajan Madrasmail

Kajan Madrasmail is from Singapore. But it was in Bangkok, Thailand, that he took this amazing picture, winner of People’s Choice Winner, Cities, on National Geographic’s Contest. national geographic


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