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A series of thorough artistic techniques that involve methods and procedures make the most detailed furniture. To bring our pieces to life, our artisans make use of several artistic techniques:


This two-dimensional art resorts to different techniques with different kinds of paint made of different pigments. For a fully personalized work, where no piece’s details resemble the others’, artisans use their hands to apply this technique, swiping the brush with their own flow and tact.


Just like metalworking, sculpting is the art of changing the shape of materials such as stone, metal, glass, pottery and wood. Having an extremely tactile component given the conception of textures, relief and volume, it represents a technique born in the prehistoric period.


Appliance of a leaf-thin-like coat of metal on top of solid surfaces. These surfaces must be, first and foremost, impeccably prepared with a primer. Only then the metal coat can be in touch with the piece. This technique is thousands of years old and has the ability of transforming even the dullest pieces into something breathtakingly beautiful.


is one of the most common practices in sculpting. Very subtle details can be carved in wood by using a variety of razor-sharp tools, from gouges to saws. The hands of the woodcrafters must exert the appropriate force so the wood is not damaged, which requires the mastery of this art.


Act of forging metal through methods like casting, hammering and spinning. To get moldable, metal is heated to high temperatures and handled with specific tools that allow the artisans to create the desired shapes.

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