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The unique synergy of art and interior design made possible the idea of having a home or other not so personal spaces, that reflects us, our personality, beliefs, an extension of ourselves. Every living space should have one personal statement which may be an outstanding artistic furniture piece that inspires you on a daily basis. We selected 6 stunning contemporary furniture pieces to inspire you.
Your home tells your story, make sure it’s beautiful.

Templo Cabinet by Malabar

Art Meets Interior Design1Templo contemporary cabinet cabinet is inspired by the eccentric and unusual buildings of Gaudi, a Spanish artistic reference. In the simplest environment, it exalts life and joy, conveys positive feelings and provides an unique experience of contemplation, which leads us to a different world where the imaginary expands without limits. Templo contemporary cabinet stands out in any room of a house or hotel area for its bright colors, shapes and design. It is a modern drinks cabinet so carefully handpainted and finished that its appearance resembles actual ceramic tiles. This work is supported by a structure of ironwood, while its interior is coated in gold.

Hollow Sideboard by Malabar

Art Meets Interior Design2Hollow is a public artwork, installed in the grounds of Bristol University by the architects Zeller&Moyne and artist Katie Paterson. It combines different types of wood as well as the artwork which is made up of samples from more than 10,000 tree species. Inspired by this magnificent structure, Malabar designed a stunning and modern furniture piece, the Hollow sideboard. The modern sideboard is a very special piece to join our World Architects collection. Hollow modern sideboard features some different types of wood, blended with a polsihed brass structure, creating a beautiful landscape suitable to any contemporary home decor.

Victoria Mirror by Malabar

Art Meets Interior Design3The Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery, literally the Monastery of the Battle, is a Dominican convent in the civil parish of Batalha, in the district of Leiria built in 1386 by Portuguese king D.João I as gratitude to Virgin Mary for the Aljubarrota Battle’s victory.

Its gothic architecture intermingled with the Manueline style inspired our designers to create this contemporary mirror through using unique technics and crafts.

The structure of the Victoria modern mirror is made in aged brass, recreating the Manueline style. The fabulous frame evolves the stylish bronze mirror, turning this artistic furniture piece a must-have to any contemporary living space

Viana Dressing Table by Malabar
Art Meets Interior Design4

Curling, twisting and plaiting of fine threads of metal results in a sublime artistic expression named Filigree. This piece of art of ancient origin, that has only a few knowledgeable artisans reproducing the technique today, is proudly displayed on Viana modern dressing table. This fine jewelry was applied to the legs of Viana, that besides the silver filigree, also carries all the lines of traditional Portuguese furniture. The ombré effect creates a color transition of black to white, and the high gloss varnish finish updates the classic charm. On the interior, the luminous bordeaux velvet will wrap a woman’s best friends in a perfect state of maintenance.

Majestic Side Table by Malabar
Art Meets Interior Design5

A tribute to the Modernism movement established in the early 1900s, the Majestic modern side table set is a memento of the coffeehouses of conversation and exchange in which intellectual elites such as Fernando Pessoa advanced ideas about national culture and politics. The aesthetic movement that was present then was here materialized in the elegant but subtle and minimalist lines of the Majestic modern side table. The contemporary side table’s precious finishing in gold leaf and piano black lacquer are much like the magnificent appearance of the café that lends its name to the pieces.

Slim Console by Malabar
Art Meets Interior Design6

Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe and based on his artistic vision of “Less is more”, Slim contemporary console was designed. Following the philosophy of this renowned architect, the Slim modern console stands out for its elegant and sophisticated lines which were made for thriving in a cosmopolitan environment. This minimalist yet contemporary console with a metallic blue Malabar finish becomes a clear appeal for its precise geometry and simple refinement.



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