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Malabar believes art is for all.

To adorn the houses’ walls and bedsits.  To move, to shock, to offend, or to be fabulous in your interior décor.  You’ll discover how Malabar was inspired by art.
here you can see the pieces that we have in stock, ready to ship

Canopy dining table
Canopy dining table
Kenzo side table
Kenzo Side Table
Horizon console
Horizon Console
Nebula dining table
Nebula Dining Table
Marina curved bar table
Marina Bar Table
Hollow chest of drawers
Hollow Chest of Drawers
Kenzo center table
Kenzo Center Table
Melodie mirror
Melodie Mirror
Viana mirror
Viana Mirror
Nebula side table
Nebula Side Table
Volute side table
Volute Side Table
Valencia armchair
Valencia Armchair

get to know our artistic collection. You can also get to know our new collection.

Malabar’s Future Classics