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A Historc Art-filled Mansion In San Francisco By Peter Marino

Art-filled mansion- peter marino

A Historc Art-filled Mansion In San Francisco By Peter Marino

Peter Marino, the architect and AD100 Hall of Fame designer, worked for over three years to renovate one of the most theatrical residence the Spanish Renaissance Revival Palacio. Designed by the genius architect Willis Polk, the mansion is surrounded by a two-story courtyard crowned and a vast glass roof in San Fransciso.

Due to it Peter Marino carefully preserved the courtyard and other exceptional original features that would be reused in the mansion’s reconstituted floor plan. Along with the elegant neoclassical living room panels worthy of French hotels.

Art-filled mansion - peter marino

In the Mansion’s library, Peter Marino equipped with fungi-like chairs by Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw. A long metal table in high-gloss red brick, two Hans-Agne Jakobsson chandeliers from the 1960s. In addition to custom-made shelves in cast bronze textured.

Art-filled mansion-peter marino

The architect Peter Marino created by this mansion interior a reference to the past. But at the same time, the designer used surprising and totally unexpected furniture that gave a futuristic vision to the space.

Art-filled mansion-peter marino

Inside Peter Marino’s Art-filled Mansion Design

About the Mansion’s front windowns, which previously were used only to light and ventilate. Marino gave a daring treatment by expanding them on four glass floors that show a cinematic view of San Francisco Bay, with the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and other historic landmarks.

Art-filled mansion-peter marino

The mansion’s entertainment spaces are large and glamorous, such as the sunny dining room with a giant painting by Damien Hirst and an 18th-century wooden floor. The space still contains a 19th-century French fireplace in the Orientalist style. Peter Marino customized the fire place with wood carved in Marrakech. Creating a mix with the Moroccan style.

The panels present were developed by artisans, some made of finely woven black leather. And others made of textured stucco that is composed of resin, wax and plaster. The artisans also created the room’s opulent sculpted ceiling and the sparkling brass bar.

Art-filled mansion-peter marino5

For the San Francisco Mansion, the talents that Marino tapped are particularly impressive. According to the architect bringing these artists to projects is the same as bringing vision, because ‘’ nobody thinks like them ’’ says Peter Marino. Among them is the French superstar Jean-Michel Othoniel (inventor of acclaimed works for the Marino’s Chanel boutiques, as well as the Château de Versailles and the Paris metro). He conjured the surreally excessive fireplace in the guest suite, which was made by another Peter Marino’s essential source, the Venini glassware in Venice. Johanna Grawunder, designer and artist with offices in the Bay Area and Milan, created the installation of undulating light that covers a ladder like silver scales.

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What’s your opinion about the Art-filled Mansion designed by Peter Marino? Do you fall in love with all of his designs? So let us know!

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