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Pop Colors In An Exciting Restored Brooklyn Apartment

Pop colors - apartment brooklyn - by malabar

Pop Colors In An Exciting Restored Brooklyn Apartment

We are here today to share Antonio Monserrat’s full renovation of his historic Brooklyn apartment. The space is fulfilled with pop colors, elegant arches, high ceilings and really interesting décor pieces. While pop colors could mean any myriad of things, from a statement wall to a bold carpet. The concept at its core is genius: A room isn’t complete without leaving your own colorful mark on it. Its basically an attempt to highlight items and personality details to an otherwise neutral space.

Antonio Monserrat is an architect that spent some years of his life working at Zaha Hadid Architects. Beyond of participating in some projects in London and Viena. During this pandemic he tried something new and as personal project, renovated his apartment and the result is just incredible.

So are you curious to know more about this restored apartment that features pop colors accents ? Just keep Reading!

Industrial Bakery Turned Into A Restored Exciting Apartment

This restored apartment ten years ago used to be part of an industrial bakery, originally built in 1915. Therefore, for the renovation Monserrat just kept the architecture untouched. Not only because the space layout was predetermined by structural walls that couldn’t be easily moved. But also, because he wanted to take advantage of the beauty that the raw interior brings.

Through the original timber beams, columns, exposed brick walls, and high ceilings with large windows.

Pop Colors in All Details

So Monserrat  harmonized the vintage structure with pop colors and a modern touch. We can see it perfectly in the entrance of the apartment. Monserrat gave a playful accent painting the arches in dark green and inserting a low dropped ceiling in yellow.

The pop colors effect gives an exciting change in the height and light of the space. Creating a contrast with the walls and all the other textures.

Something really interesting is that Monserrat created a neutral white base for the whole environment of the apartment. Giving life and highlighting all the items presents. This is a really good way to fulfill an ambiance without letting it overloaded.

he walls are in majority white and the pop colors comes through lighting pieces, furniture’s and other décor accessories.

Another interesting fact about this apartment project, is that every item speaks and appears by itself presence. Antonio Monserrat tested his concepts and combinations on a series of objects prototypes that have become useful. Such as chairs, bedside tables, shelves, cat perches, and plant stands.

And the rest of the furniture is part of Montserrat’s lifelong collection. He goes by the philosophy of choose well and make it last, the maximum time that you can.

Pop colors - apartment brooklyn-by malabar
Pop colors - apartment - brooklyn-by-malabar
Pop colors -apartment brooklyn-by-malabar
Pop colors - apartment brooklyn-by-malabar
Pop colors-apartment brooklyn-by-malabar
Pop colors - apartment brooklyn-by-malabar
Pop colors - apartment brooklyn-by-malabar

What’s your opinion about the Pop Colors featuring in this restored apartment in brooklyn? Do you fall in love with all of its décor? So let us know!

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