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Vincenzo de Cottis And His Milan Palazzo

Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan

Vincenzo de Cottis And His Milan Palazzo

Vincenzo de Cottis is considered a pioneer of the international collectible design scene. Vincenzo’s interests in the passage of time inflect design pieces. So he combines luxurious materials with salvaged fiberglass, stone, and wood.

And almost every year, Vincenzo likes to change his home. Therefore, inspired by new ideas on how to décor different rooms.  Vincenzo redesigns his Milan Palazzo, giving it a fresh look.

Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan
Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan

Firstly its location, the Milanese Palazzo stands behind on a quiet street, just ten minutes from the touristy center of the Duomo.

And Vincenzo de Cottis renovates the palazzo, he made no major structural changes. Yet we spent a lot of time carefully peeling away what had been added by previous owners. Because he wanted to preserve that history and maintain the character behind all those layers. By uncovering the paint colors, the ceiling, and especially the light.

Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan
Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan

The architect and designer choose to leave the walls untreated, so in every room, the colors are a bit different. And it’s possible to see the gold traces left behind from the 17th-century stuccos. Within the framework, he has mixed mostly custom-designed furniture pieces by him with a few other contemporary collectible design.

Vincenzo de cottis palazzo milan

The natural light entering changes the colors of the entire space and makes it looks different. It’s inspired.

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What’s your opinion about Vincenzo De Cottis? Do you fall in love with his Milan Palazzo? So let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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