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Royal Lilac Came Back As Trend In Interiors

Royal lilac interior trends by malabar

Royal Lilac Came Back As Trend In Interiors

The royal lilac that reminds the childhood of many people, due to the sweet Care Bears and My Little Pony toys, is back! A purple with a slightly softer hue, reminiscent of the 90s, returned and now is trend in several consumer items.

Royal lilac interior trends by malabar

Aesthetic shock, retro nostalgia, assumed glam. More subtle than ultraviolet, the royal lilac boasts a more feminine and daring style. Modernized, revised and corrected by designers from all areas. Lilac has returned with everything and we can prove it.

The recent popularity of royal lilac started in the fashion industry, as usual. But soon expanded into the world of interiors and home accessories. Which means that nowadays, due to its popularity, it is not difficult to find the royal lilac in different products.

Royal lilac- interior trend malabar2
Royal lilac interior trends by malabar

As the pink blush had been present in interiors for the past 3 years, the color trend for lilac is a natural advance. As it is part of the same color palette. Lilac works well as part of a scheme with light blues or soft greens, roses, sorbet yellows and shaded whites.

Color swatch

Although the lilac carries with it an aesthetically pleasing tone. Must take care to not deviate to strong shades of purple in its decoration. It can be quite gaudy and weigh the environment. Instead of, be inspired by the different ways to implement royal lilac in interiors decorations that we selected below to show how great this color can be when used correctly:


To place the royal lilac on the walls, it is important to observe the environment first. Analyzing factors that influence the final result. Such as the position of the walls, the shade of the furniture, its extension and which point you want to highlight. Remember that each color conveys a feeling and creates a different look.

Royal lilac interior trends by malabar


If painting the walls with royal lilac is too much. A good option is to put the royal lilac on the doors. Because on the doors the color will be perceived and will bring changes to the environment. Since it will be in a fully functional item. So will be impossible not to notice the royal lilac in the space, besides leaving it with an innovative and fun tone.

Royal lilac interior trends by malabar
Royal lilac interior trends by malabar


In terms of upholstery and furniture, to not weigh the environment, the tip is to use the royal lilac item in a place with lighter and walls. Combine it with pieces that have neutral tones or complementary colors. It can also be used in an environment with furniture and decorative objects in woody tones.


For those who liked the royal lilac trend and want to start adding lilac gradually to their interiors. Bet on accessories. Items such as suspension lamps, rugs, flowers and sculptures can perfectly add the color touch to the environment with the moderation that you want.

Royal lilac interior trends by malabar
Royal lilac interior trends by malabar

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What’s your opinion about Royal Lilac as an interiors trend? Do you fall in love with all of them? So let us know!

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