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Postmodern Interior Design: Less is A Bore

Post modern interior design

Postmodern Interior Design: Less is A Bore

Postmodern Interior Design is back in vogue, care you love it, or hate it. And it embraces unconventional ideas with an emphasis on playful, artsy, and extravagant style.

But, what is Postmodern?


“Vivid colour, theatricality and exaggeration: everything was a style statement.”

Firstly, postmodernism was a rebellion against the minimalist and rigid structure of the modern design. And that’s why postmodernism is so difficult to define.

Therefore, this elusive design style is one of the most controversial movements in art and design history. Over two decades, Postmodernism shattered established ideas about art yet design, bringing a new self-awareness about design itself.

As its core, postmodernism was an attempt to break free from the practical and often impersonal approach of modern design. Instead, postmodernism celebrates the unconventional, the flashy, and the weird.


Postmodern interior design
Postmodern interior design

Primary colors were prominent in the Postmodern Interior Design. However, later, color became less important as the play between form and function gained more emphasis.

So nowadays, the post-modern color palette also includes a mix of natural and retro shades like avocado, mustard, burnt orange, turquoise, and even metallic tones.

Textures and Materials

Postmodern interior design
Postmodern interior design

In the earlies ’80s, designers used salvaged and distressed materials to create an air of urban apocalypse, a technique that remains in heavy rotation today. Lush materials like velvet and fur are also welcome. The key to texture in Postmodern Interior Design is layering.

Shape and Line

Postmodern furniture
Postmodern furniture

The use of asymmetry increased during the postmodern period, while at the same time straight lines gave way to odd angles and ambiguous shapes.

New Postmodern Interior Design Piece designed by Malabar

Abandoning the rules of right and wrong,  Malabar launched a new collection that is all about to move, to shock, to offend, or to be fabulous in your interior décor. Therefore, inspired by the Postmodern architecture, Malabar designers conceived the Mak Suh Muh Dining Chair.

Discover below all about this art-filled furniture piece.

Postmodern interior design mak suh muh dining chair
Postmodern interior design mak suh muh dining chair
Postmodern interior design mak suh muh dining chair

Malabar designers played with vivid colors and bold shapes to designed an extravagant dining chair. Therefore, exclusively handcrafted in walnut wood by our expert artisans, the Mak Suh Muh dining chair is upholstered in different cotton velvet colors and patterns.  So, this Postmodern Interior Design dining chair provides a new way of looking for the interior design world, where authenticness is the key. Artfully designed, the Mak Suh Muh will be the style statement of any décor it will be featured.

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What’s your opinion about Postmodern Interior Design? Do you also think less is a bore? So let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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