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Pop Art Inspired Décor

Pop art

Pop Art Inspired Décor

There’s no news when it comes to Pop Art. In general, we all know what it is or at least have a slight idea. The style that marked the end of modernism and the beginning of post modernism.

Pop art design

Even so, let me enlighten you a bit. In fact, Pop Art is a British artistic movement from the 50s that got popularized in the US later. The famous Campbell’s Soup Cans or the Marilyn Monroe painting are some examples of this awe-inspiring style. Both were made by Andy Warhol who become a pioneer in the Pop Art.

Campbell's soup cans pop art
Marilyn monroe in pop art by andy warhol
Richard hamilton 1956

Pop Art in the US stood against the abstract expressionism and relies on the advertising which was developed that time. Whereas the British’s takes another direction into irony and parody. Also, it translates their insight of the American culture.

Pop art interior design

What characterizes this style are its bright colorful palette, its bold imagery, inspirations of the country’s social and cultural aspects, etc. Undoubtedly a change in the history of art! Many designers are influenced by this style and the results are just extraordinary.

Kitchen in pop art style

Jonathan Adler is one of those that we can relate his work with this art style. This American potter, designer and author is known for his happy colorful interiors and his home decor accessories. He’s the one behind the extravagant venues as Parker Palm Springs Hotel or the Abington House.

Apartment by jonathan adler
Apartment by j. Adler

Also, Seletti, an Italian brand, is known for its pop art inspired furniture. They collaborated with brands such as Diesel or ToiletPaper. Since 1964, Seletti focuses on design projects showing Italian excellence.

Seletti interior

Add Pop art to your house is a fresh air that will not only be the center of attention. But also will coordinate all the decor around. Plus, it’ll add a colorful, liveliness vibe into your house with its celebrities and social criticism inspirations.

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