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Patricia Urquiola : Must Know Collections

Patricia urquiola

Patricia Urquiola : Must Know Collections

Patricia Urquiola is much more than a Molteni designer. Urquiola has the capable to bring together the rigor of her training in Milan with a creative side from her Spanish roots.


Spanish-born Patricia studied design and architecture in Madrid before finished her degree at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Before becoming the head’s design at Lissoni Associati, she worked with prestigious designers such as Eugenio Bettinelli and Vico Magistretti. Therefore, Urquiola founded the Eponymous Milan Architecture and the Design Studio Patricia Urquiola.


Rugs that Create Optical Illusions

Patricia urquiola design rugs
Patricia urquiola design rugs

By tricking the eyes, the block colours and black outlines create a false sense of depth.

Patricia urquiola design rugs
Patricia urquiola design rugs

Thanks to their geometric patterning and colors, the two rugs appear three-dimensional.

Postmodern Tables for Kettal

Postmodern tables by patricia urquiola for kettal

Therefore, Patricia has added a table collection with different colourful tops and bases to her Roll Collection for the Spanish Funiture Brand, Kettal. Described by the brand as “postmodernist”, the tables are available in two different sizes. And you can choose from 30 colours of the aluminium top and six different colours of the powder-coated aluminium top as well. So it is possible to conceived tables in over 1,000 different combinations.

Postmodern tables by patricia urquiola for kettal

Credenza Sideboard

Credenza sideboard by patricia urquiola

Firstly, Credenza Sideboard is one of the Favorite pieces designed by Urquiola.

Designed in collaboration with the famous graphic artist Frederico Pepe for the Milan Boutique Spazio Pontaccio.

Wallpaper Collection for Tres Tintas Barcelona

Tres tintas barcelona wallpaper designed by patricia urquiola

Urquiola’s wallpaper collection by Tres Tintas Barcelona is a stunning example of her creativity and talent. The design of the collection is based on shapes and colours, with subtle geometric patterns, creating a warm atmosphere.


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