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The French Dazzling Interior Designer: Joseph Dirand

Joseph dirant

The French Dazzling Interior Designer: Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand is currently among the best interior designers in Paris. The Parisian designer who is also an architect became known after creating linear and monochromatic spaces for luxury brands such as Givenchy, Alexander Wang or Mayfair. In addition, the designer has in his portfolio residential, commercial and hotel interior design projects.

Joseph dirand
Joseph dirand - minimalist interior designer

Joseph Dirand owns a style marked by strong lines, impeccable proportions and precision. Creating unique contemporary and minimalist designs. And despite designing interiors with neutral colors, its spaces are modern, warm and cozy.

Joseph Dirand’s Design Stylle

Combining minimalism and glamor, he creates a sense of nature for his projects. He cultivates a stylistic brand that fits with his personal sense of elegance. The designer treats his spaces cleanly. Creating their own language by reinventing traditional French decorative elements in a contemporary way.

Joseph dirand - minimalist interior designer
Joseph dirand - minimalist interior designer

Dirant sees space and the perspective of a place through the way that light appears in relief and surfaces. He analyzes the structure and perceives the details. Observing the abundance of resources of material and appreciates the variations of the same color.

Joseph plans his interior design projects as environmental and architectural ventures. The designer already has a large number of luxury hotels, modern restaurants, fashion houses and private residences signed with the stamp of his incomparable style.

Joseph dirand - minimalist interior designer

Currently, the young impressionable designer explores the possibilities of what he calls a “blank page”. Highlighting his fascination for developing a distinct design language that is contained in its elements and rich in spirit.

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