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Art Meets Interior Design

Art meets interior design

Art Meets Interior Design

Art meets Interior Design: Fusing art with the design is the key for 2020 interior décor. So playing with artsy furniture pieces, colors, patterns, and textures is one of the biggest trends of the year. Free from rules, we present some of the artsiest-inspired furniture pieces that will breathtaking any décor space.



Art Meets Interior Design



Art meets interior design post modern décor
Art meets interior design post modern décor



” People are bored with all those gray interiors”, Katy Polsby said.



As you can see on the interior design projects above, designers are increasingly incorporating playful and imaginative furniture into their projects, many of them by Postmodern designers.



Art meets interior design post modern décor
Art meets interior design post modern décor



That is to say the more use of bold colors, prints, and patterns, the better. Its unpredictable curves and colors are what make these artistic interior designs chic.



Art meets interior design post modern décor
Art meets interior design post modern décor



In fashion and design, everything comes back. From the 1970s and early ’90s or inspired by those times, these nostalgic, art-inspired furniture pieces, offer escapism to a time before the anxieties of contemporary society and politics. And for sure, we’ll see a lot of this trend in the coming year.



Art meets interior design - groovy f598 chair by pierre paulin

Groovy F598 Chair
By Pierre Paulin

Art meets interior design - etcetera lounge chair by jan ekselius

Etcetera Lounge Chair
by Jan Ekselius

Art meets interior design - roly poly raw chair by faye toogood

 Roly Poly Raw Chair
by Faye Toogood

Art meets interior design - neotenic lounge by jumbo nyc

Neotenic Lounge
by Jumbo NYC



Regarding the furniture trends for 2020, Malabar designers launch a new collection, The Future Classics.


Abandoning the rules of right and wrong,  Malabar’s new collection is all about to move, to shock, to offend, or to be fabulous in your interior décor. Therefore, The Future Classics collection proves that furniture can be art too. 



Art meets interior design - madonna stool

Madonna Stool

Art meets interior design - mood sofa

Mood Sofa

Art meets interior design - mak suh muh dining chair

Mak Suh Muh Dining Chair



Art meets interior design starry mirror

Starry Mirror

Art meets interior design galatea armchair

Galatea Armchair

Art meets interior design la jolie mirror

La Jolie Mirror



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