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80s Interior Design Trends Keeps Coming Back

80s interior design trends

80s Interior Design Trends Keeps Coming Back

80s interior design trends are back and it’s no secret. After years of minimalist design aesthetic, it’s time to think big. Bold prints, loud colors, and chubby furniture are the main trends. Discover below some of our favorite throwback design trends.

Chubby Furniture

Chubby furniture - 80s interior design trends

Discover the Peggy Armchair designed by Ottiu

Chubby furniture is one of 2020’s biggest design trend. And the Chubbier, the better. So think rounded, curved, even tubular. The curves and graphic shapes are what make these pieces chic.

Electric Blue

Classic blue -80s interior design trends

Discover the Sagres Sideboard designed by Malabar

Firstly, Pantone selected Classic Blue as the color of 2020 year and it’s not by chance. As we know this color is not for everyone but it’s for sure the key color for the New Postmodern Era. It is one of the 80s Interior Design

’80s Inspired Patterns

New postmodern - 80s interior design trends

Probably one of the pioneers of the New Postmodern was the prestigious American interior designer, Kelly Wearstler. Above, there are the room she designed, mixing scale and shapes white modern freehand line drawing. Both are upgrades from their ’80s counterparts.

Sculptural Accent Seating

Sculptural seating - '80s interior design trends

It’s not only about chubby, very delicate and sculptural chairs are very on-trend too.For example, the iconic ’80s chair, Ekstrem chair, is back in style. May be Old Postmodern but it’s also here for the new.

Bold Colors

Bold colors - '80s interior design trends

Bold colors are in – and it isn’t even questionable. And they look like they are here to stay. Although it’s very necessary to consider some details when you decide to use them. Such as scale and proportion, if they are already an important factor in designing any room, it will be even more when you’re using bold colors. Therefore, you can use bold colors in accents, accessories details, or even in walls.

Memphis Design

Memphis design - '80s interior design trends

Must-Know for it’s colorful and exaggerated masterpieces, Memphis is with no doubt making a comeback in the design world. It’s no wonder these bold colors and quirky patterns have spilled back over into the world of interior design as well.

Discover more about the Memphis design here

Pop Art

Pop art - '80s interior design tremds

Pop art marked the end of modernism and the beginning of postmodernism and it is coming back for the New Postmodern.

Discover more about the Pop Art Inspired Decor Here


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What’s your opinion about the ’80s Interior Design Trends? Do you also think less is a bore? So let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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