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Viv Id
Chaise Longue

Against the minimalist design concept and characterized by a free use of color and shapes, the modernism movement sparks the impulse for Malabar designers to conceive this future classic sofa.

Within this artistic-flavored space, the Viv Id chaise longue becomes a canvas for artistic expression, transforming your living space into a curated gallery of breathtaking masterpieces. Dressed in coral jacquard, its melted gold brass structure gives the split-level aesthetic sense of deluxe while it can provide a functionality of a side table. This meticulously crafted chaise longue exudes a distinct aura of creativity, showcasing the harmonious marriage of form, function, and artistic ingenuity.

Viv Id Chaise Longue Technical Info

Width: 184 cm | 72.4”
Depht: 114 cm | 44.9”
Height: 83 cm | 32.7”
Seat-Height: 45 cm | 17.7”

Materials: Upholstered in Coral Jacquard. Melted Gold Brass structure.

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