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Ih Maj in Cabinet



Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet
Ih maj in cabinet

Ih Maj In Cabinet

In terms of art, Pablo Picasso is probably the most important artist of the 20th Century. The Spanish-born painter had become well-known for his most distinct style and eye for artistic creation.

A confluence of influences from Cézanne and Henri Rousseau to tribal art encouraged Picasso to lend his figures more weight and structure.  That’s when Cubism started born in his creations, and Picasso changed the direction of art for generations to come.

Inspired by the emphasize combination of forms in Picasso’s cubism art paintings, his use of color and geometrical figures, Malabar designers imagined this exquisite and refined art piece – the Ih Maj In.

The Ih Maj In cabinet is a tribute to craftsmanship,  embellished with a cubism-inspired drawing made with exotic wood veneers, such as white bleached oak,  American walnut, black stained ashwood,  through a marquetry technique.

Supported by two handcrafted legs, cylindrical walnut wood, and rectangular oak legs, the Ih Maj In cabinet interior is made of oak with high gloss colored translucent varnish.

This future design icon makes a playfully surprising statement in an art-filled living or dining room.

Ih Maj In Cabinet Specifications


W. 70 cm | 27.6”
D. 70 cm | 27.6”
H. 150 cm | 59.1”

MATERIALS Structure in oak and walnut wood. Storage exterior made of a marquetry work combining various exotic wood veneers. Interior in high gloss coloured translucent varnish. Lacquered shelves.

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