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In our story you’ll discover how Malabar was inspired by art.

*Art Lovers can’t afford to miss this…

Malabar designs and crafts exclusive artisanal furniture with a distinct artistic aesthetic.
Established in 2012 with the launch of a range of decorative Portuguese Fado guitars and the World Architects furniture collection, Malabar has released to date a total of 5 exceptional furniture, upholstery and decorative accessories collections. Abandoning the rules of right and wrong, most recently Malabar launches the Future Classic’s collection that is all about to move, to shock, to offend, or to be fabulous in your interior décor.
Malabar design and handmade production stems from the Porto area, a northern region in Portugal with a long and strong tradition in artisanal handcrafted furniture.


In our story we conceive conceptual and functional furniture, upholstery and, adornment pieces that arouse emotions featuring our fine art, design, and lusitanian handcraft signature.


In our story we represent design excellence and to become internationally recognized by promoting the best of Portuguese design and craftsmanship.

Design Values

Malabar design identity is based on modernizing the architectural and artistic heritage of the past 5 centuries, both Portuguese and international, involving with fine art while seeking to evoke moods through its statement pieces. Our unique furniture offer is defined as a preference for noble woods and exquisite marbles.
With design in our minds and passion in our hearts, our team thrive to contribute to the world’s art. Every and each piece, from its concept to its physical form, is heartfully conceived through hours of hard work. The synergy between our designers and artisans is what makes our art possible, sharing it across the globe, in different countries and cultures, through exhibitions and trade shows. This is our story.


Being able to put your soul into your hands and materializing it is a priceless gift. With a mindset focused on a harmonious process leading to the creation of exquisite pieces, our artisans represent the most important part of our brand.
With the modernization of times, the role of these people quickly faded way, which led to a decadence in furniture’s quality and uniqueness. So, to revive the handcrafting magic, Malabar was born and gathered a family of talented, honorable artisans that have the skills and creativity to conceive sustainable, high-quality, artistic masterpieces.

And so our story continues…
a story of innovative design ideas,
a story of art furniture with word-class craftsmanship.
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