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Malabar designers selected exclusive materials to bring to your projects high-end furniture design pieces. For the ultimate in luxury furniture with an artistic and aesthetic style, look no further, you found here a variety the most exquisite materials.

FINISHES & Customization


  1. The specifications for the fabrics denote their Fire Retardant (FR) and Water Repellent (WR) properties.
  2. All the upholstery items can be submitted to several fabric treatments after the production of the goods, such as Fire Retardant, Easy Clean, Anti-stain, or Water Repellent. These treatments are made under request, and they have costs associated.
  3. Please note that colors displayed on computer screens may not be entirely accurate. Use them as a reference only.
  4. Some fabrics may not be depicted to scale. Please use the images as a reference only.