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Linen. Leather & Velvets

Malabar selects the full-grained, most exquisite leather, working it, keeping its qualities natural, transpiring, flexible, resisting, pleasant to the touch, distressed material, perfect in its imperfections that make it unique.


Rodeo, Light Brown

Rodeo, Brown II

Rodeo, Dark Brown

Rodeo, Blue

Rodeo, Green


Columbia, Ivory

Columbia, Cream

Columbia, Elephant

Columbia, Taupe

Columbia, Chocolate

Columbia, Ash

Columbia, Anthracite

Columbia, Black

Columbia, Ocean

Columbia, Shark

Columbia, Aquamarine

Columbia, Emerald

Columbia, Moss

Columbia, Khaki

Columbia, Camel

Columbia, Tooffee

Columbia, Mostaza

Columbia, Caramello

Columbia, Marsala

Columbia, Nude


Nabuk, 3402

Nabuk, 3403

Nabuk, 3404

Nabuk, 3411

Nabuk, 3405

Nabuk, 3406

Nabuk, 3407

Nabuk, 3416

Nabuk, 3410

Nabuk, 3414

Nabuk, 3401

Nabuk, 3437

Nabuk, 3436

Nabuk, 3431

Nabuk, 3409

Nabuk, 3408

Nabuk, 3440

Nabuk, 3421

Nabuk, 3424

Nabuk, 3424

Nabuk, 3415


Siza, 472

Siza, 491

Siza, 497

Siza, 453

Siza, 474

Siza, 461

Siza, 495

Siza, 496

Siza, 430

Siza, 490

Siza, 499

Siza, 498

Siza, 482

Siza, 481

Siza, 489

Siza, 487

Siza, 488

Siza, 440

Siza, 9350

Siza, 460


Atlantida, White

Atlantida, Gardenia

Atlantida, Marmo

Atlantida, Soul

Atlantida, Praline

Atlantida, Truffle

Atlantida, Ash

Atlantida, Gull

Atlantida, Black

Atlantida, Universe

Atlantida, Royal Blue

Atlantida, Submarine

Atlantida, Niagara

Atlantida, Polvere

Atlantida, Akoya Pear

Atlantida, Oxygen

Atlantida, Pine

Atlantida, Sun

Atlantida, Dark Green

Atlantida, Yam

Atlantida, Masai

Atlantida, Lollipop

Atlantida, Dark Red

Atlantida, Phonebox

Atlantida, Papaya

Atlantida, Coral

Atlantida, Skin


Laguna, White

Laguna, Milk

Laguna, Cappuccino

Laguna, Taupe

Laguna, Acaccia

Laguna, Praline

Laguna, Polvere

Laguna, Ash

Laguna, Black

Laguna, Graphite

Laguna, Midnight

Laguna, Submarine

Laguna, Light Blue

Laguna, Limoges

Laguna, Dazzling Blue

Laguna, Oxide

Laguna, Aquamarine

Laguna, Amazon

Laguna, Moss

Laguna, Canary

Laguna, Sun

Laguna, Mango

Laguna, Phonebox

Laguna, Santa Claus

Laguna, Cherry

Laguna, Crocus

Laguna, Passion

FINISHES & Customization