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Linen. Leather & Velvets

Our textile collections encompass an extensive spectrum of colors, luxurious textures, and intricate patterns, elevating the decor of every facet of your esteemed project.




Ascot, Nata

Ascot, Pearl

Ascot, Toffee

Ascot, Taupe

Ascot, Graphite

Ascot, Black

Ascot, Atlantic

Ascot, Safira

Ascot, Olive Green

Ascot, Mouse

Ascot, Champagne

Ascot, Mostaza

Ascot, Brick

Ascot, Pink


Carver WR


Carver WR, Natural White

Carver WR, Ecru

Carver WR, Cream

Carver WR, Parchment

Carver WR, Greige Taupe

Carver WR, Chocolate

Carver WR, Stone Gray

Carver WR, Warm Gray

Carver WR, Light Gray

Carver WR, Steel Gray

Carver WR, Deep Black

Carver WR, Midnight Blue

Carver WR, Deep Blue

Carver WR, Dark Navy Blue

Carver WR, Lovely Blue

Carver WR, Blue Sky

Carver WR, Seafoam

Carver WR, Blue Haze

Carver WR, Black Forest

Carver WR, Eden Green

Carver WR, Golden Yellow

Carver WR, Terracotta

Carver WR, Lipstick Red

Carver WR, Hot Cherry

Carver WR, Syrah

Carver WR, Plum

Carver WR, Eggplant

Carver WR, Pale Nude


Interception Jacquard Velvet

Jacquard Velvet

Interception Jacquard Velvet, Toffee Gold

Interception Jacquard Velvet, Green Moss

Interception Jacquard Velvet, Linen

Interception Jacquard Velvet, Light Greige

Privé Melange Velvet

Melange Velvet

Privé Melange Velvet, Champagne

Privé Melange Velvet, Beige Royal

Privé Melange Velvet, Belle Greige

Privé Melange Velvet, Visón

Privé Melange Velvet, Paris Royal

Privé Melange Velvet, Bleu Royal

Privé Melange Velvet, Olive Vert

Privé Melange Velvet, Vert de Bleu

Privé Melange Velvet, Mousse Vert

Privé Melange Velvet, Curry Riche

Privé Melange Velvet, Orange Terre

Privé Melange Velvet, Saumon Doré



Brooks, 39170734

Brooks, 39170861

Brooks, 39170946

Brooks, 39174137

Brooks, 39172930

Brooks, 39170485

Brooks, 39174045

Brooks, 39173104

Brooks, 39173223

Brooks, 39173451

Brooks, 39173583

Brooks, 39173624

Brooks, 39173766

Brooks, 39173991

Brooks, 39172013

Brooks, 39171863

Brooks, 39171944

Brooks, 39172384

Brooks, 39172112

Brooks, 39172269

Brooks, 39172468

Brooks, 39172739

Brooks, 39173019

Brooks, 39172836



Stripe Jacquard

Sunrise, 14605_505

Sunrise, 14605_515

Sunrise, 14605_506

Sunrise, 14605_511

Sunrise, 14605_504

Sunrise, 14605_503

Sunrise, 14605_537

Sunrise, 14605_502


Satin Look

Envious, CA1330-070

Envious, CA1330-075

Envious, CA1330-020

Envious, CA1330-021

Envious, CA1330-022

Envious, CA1330-023

Envious, CA1330-080

Envious, CA1330-074

Envious, CA1330-031

Envious, CA1330-033

Envious, CA1330-032

Envious, CA1330-060

Envious, CA1330-010

Envious, CA1330-011

Envious, CA1330-061

Envious, CA1330-064

Envious, CA1330-063

Envious, CA1330-062

Pont Des Arts

Satin Cotton

Pont Des Arts, 44590307

Pont Des Arts, 44591131

Pont Des Arts, 44590410

Pont Des Arts, 44590822

Pont Des Arts, 44590925

Pont Des Arts, 44590204

Pont Des Arts, 44590101

Pont Des Arts, 44590513

Pont Des Arts, 44592367

Pont Des Arts, 44590616

Pont Des Arts, 44592264

Pont Des Arts, 44592676

Pont Des Arts, 44592573

Pont Des Arts, 44592882

Pont Des Arts, 44591028

Pont Des Arts, 44593088

Pont Des Arts, 44591852

Pont Des Arts, 44591749


Euphorie Cubiste

Graphic Jacquard

Euphorie Cubiste, M308301

Euphorie Cubiste, M08604

Euphorie Cubiste, M308705

Euphorie Cubiste, M308402

Euphorie Cubiste, M08503


Mix Jacquard Velvet

Lullabird, 9770105

Lullabird, 49770309

Lullabird, 49770411

Lullabird, 49770513

Lullabird, 49770615

Lullabird, 49770207

L‘ Imperiale

Jacquard Velvet

L‘ Imperiale, M255201

L‘ Imperiale, M255302

L‘ Imperiale, M255504

L‘ Imperiale, M255403

FINISHES & Customization