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The World of Daria Zinovatnaya

Daria zinovatnaya

The World of Daria Zinovatnaya

If you never heard this name before don’t panic, we’ll definitely make sure you won’t forget it. Daria Zinovatnaya, a Russian industrial and interior designer whose work will leave you speechless.

Daria's itten collection

Daria born and graduated in Crimea lives in world full of geometry and colors. In fact, the 25th years old’s designer inspiration comes from these elements. She says that her work’s method start with choosing the colors. Then, she starts playing with that and objects until she finds a coherence.

Also, Le Corbusier, Malevitch or Matisse among others, are her source of inspiration.

Daria's interior
Daria's interior
Livng room interior

Her style of work is an extensive study of the Bauhaus movement. In other words, her style is somehow inspired by the 20th century’s most influential design movement.

The world’s first design school and the movement of its name were created by the German architect Walter Gropius in 1919.

Zinovatnaya's corb interior
Zinovatnaya's corb interior
Zinovatnaya's corb interior

Consequently, Daria Zinovatnaya has developed her collection of furniture once again handing her energy to any piece. She has worked in commercial and residential projects accross the world.

Colorful store
Colorful store
Colorful store

Another key point, is that she won a Red Dot Award in 2017. In brief, it is an international design competition.

For this reason, she has featured in some of the most influential design magazines as AD, Casa Vogue or Grazia.

Zinovatnaya's interior
Colorful project
Zinovatnaya's interior

The critics are pretty good. As shown above, she’s clearly someone that will pop up in your head from now on everytime you see colors. Get more to know more about her work and you’ll surely revive your soul with her colorful world.

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What’s your opinion about Daria Zinovatnaya? Have you felt in love by this article? Let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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