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Surrealism in Interior Design

Surrealism in interior design

Surrealism in Interior Design

Surrealism is back and I think it came to stay! A nuanced version of reality.

As we like to keep you updated and on trend, we have some inspiration of surrealism in interior design for you.

Neobio family park in china

What is ?

First thing to remember is that Surrealism is a movement from the 20s right after WW1. In fact, the word first appeared in 1917 in a letter of Guillaume Apollinaire describing the ballet Parade. But it’s only in 1924 that the movement is created by André Breton. Breton was a French writer that created Surrealism as an artistic and literary movement. For him, dreams are source of artistic creativity. So, Surrealism’s goal was to liberate language and human experience from the oppressive boundaries of rationalism.

Carnival of harlequin by miró
Carnival of Harlequin by Miró (1925)
The persistence of memory by dalí
The Persistenfce of Memory by Dalí (1931)
Clairvoyance by magritte
Clairvoyance by Magritte (1936)

Artisticly speaking, the movement’s first names are Miró, Dalí and René Magritte. These figures marked the movement with their art work.

Surrealist vincent darré house
Surrealist vincent darré house
Vincent darre house

In effect, interior designers seek inspiration in many movements but we’d like to point out the link with surrealism.

This movement not only shows a change in society’s way of thinking but also shows their revolt.

Surreal perception
Surreal perception

Surrealism reflects world’s current situation. The latest events is turning the world upside-down. So, incorporing Surrealism allows to create a kind of gateaway for another dimension in your home.

Besides, this art style is funny, stylish, elegant yet provoking considering its background.

Surrealism gallery
Surrealism gallery
Surrealism gallery

Many residential and commercials were developed adopting this style. As resullt, colorful worlds, full of energy and kind of inspiring for people.

Surrealism restaurant
Surrealism restaurant

In short, Surrealism influenced the worlds of fashion, design, theatre, interiors, film, architecture and advertising. Their innovative thinking changed perceptions of the world in which they lived and transformed the language of art and design.

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What’s your opinion about Surrealism in Interior Design? Have you felt in love by this article? Let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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