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5 Pottery Ceramic Artists You Must Know

Nicolette johnson - pottery ceramic artists

5 Pottery Ceramic Artists You Must Know

Today Malabar presents you with the pottery ceramic artists that are shaping the future of ceramics.
As we know ceramic artists and artisans contributed to the art world for centuries. But in the past few years, ceramics became a huge trend when we talk about decor. We see decorative clay objects all over the place, such as jars, vases, sculptures, and coffee cups and mugs, etc. Not only in residential but also in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. Sometimes more uncooked-style in terracotta, other times with a glazed finish. The approach and finishes are infinite.

In other words, ceramics is a trend that we can not miss at all. If you’re an interior designer or an interior design lover you must follow this trend that comes to stay. Below you’ll find some of our favorite pottery artists.

Eny lee parker - pottery ceramic artist

Oo Floor Lamp
by Eny Lee Parker

Eny lee parker - pottery ceramic artists

Ceramic Pieces
by Nicolette Johnson

Simone bodmer-turner pottery ceramic artist

Bridge Handled Vessel
by Simone Bodmer-Turner

Studio kieu - ceramic artists

by Studio Kieu

Pottery Ceramic Artists

Simone Bodmer-Turner

Simone bodmer-turner - ceramic artists

Before Simone Bodmer-Turner founded her studio, she wants to achieve a complete understanding of the material. Hence Simone moves to Japan and Oaxaca, where she lived several years to developed a personal practice with Asian clay communities.

Simone bodmer-turner - ceramic artists
Simone bodmer-turner - ceramic artists

With all the life and work experience earned in those years, she launched the permanent collection, which allowed her to move into her studio full time. Designed to be timeless, complementary group of curvy ceramic shapes, emphasizing the power of negative space, and heavily influenced by the bridged, multi-necked forms of Meso-American stirrup vessels.

Nicolette Johnson 

Nicolette johnson ceramic artist

The second pottery ceramic artists on the list is the London-born artist Nicolette Johnson. With a professional background in photographic art and social documentary, Nicolette starts the ceramics work in 2015 in her Brisbane home studio.

Nicolette johnson ceramic artist
Nicolette johnson ceramic artist

Through her work, Nicolette merges the traditional with the experimental. Therefore she explores the symmetry, esoteric and surrealist motifs, and the way we assign meaning to objects.

Eric Roinestad

Eric roinestad ceramic artist

A passion for beautifully handmade work, as well as the natural habitat of Southern California, led Eric Roinestad towards a new career chapter. His genesis can be traced back to when the design began creating ceramics as a passion project.

Eric roinestad pottery ceramic artists
Eric roinestad ceramic artists

With natural instincts for proportion and form, the work caught the attention of collectors. Since 2014, Roinestad has been represented by The Future Perfect, one of the world’s foremost contemporary design galleries.

Kieu Tran – Studio Kieu

Kieu tran - ceramic artists you must know

The Oakland-based artist, Kieu Tran, officially started Studio Kieu in 2021. Kieu captures personal experiences and emotions and translates them to abstract forms because she believes if she can evoke those emotions through her work, maybe it can help people feel how connected we all are.

Kieu tran - ceramic artists you must know
Kieu tran - ceramic artists you must know

Kieu creates elegant, sensuous, biomorphic, sometimes anthropomorphic table-top sculptures with velvet soft finishes that invite the touch. One of the importants elements of her work is that it evokes a sense of playfulness and hoy in the viewer.

Eny Lee Parker

5 pottery eny lee parker ceramic artists you must know

Eny Lee Parker is a spatial design emphasizing objects, furniture, and lighting, using clay as her main medium. Parker reclaims the essence of making used in traditional craft from our past – the slowness, the intention, the respect for natural resources, creating contemporary objects that brings awareness to our presence as well as to non-living things.

5 pottery eny lee parker ceramic artists you must know
5 pottery eny lee parker ceramic artists you must know

She has the purpose of her design explore the human need and want. Her fascination with the mind and behavior of people leads to objects that echo humanity in the character, emotion, and even physicality.

What’s your opinion about the 5 Pottery Ceramic Artists? Do you fall in love with all of their pieces as we? So let us know!

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