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Project Room on India Mahdavi’s Showroom in Paris

Project room- india mahdavi- bellechasse

Project Room on India Mahdavi’s Showroom in Paris

Project room-india mahdavi-bellechasse

India Mahdavi is an Iranian designer who grew up in the United States and built her career in France. With all this diversity in references and experience, India improved her design and conquered the design world.

A big difference between this designer and the others is her ability to mix different styles in unusual ways and make it work. She designs modern environments with a classic touch and sober materials with vibrant colors. And even mixing such diverse materials, textures and objects, she manages to combine everything harmoniously.

Project room-india mahdavi- bellechasse
Project room- india mahdavi- bellechasse

India Mahdavi, who today has more than 20 years of career. In addition to developing projects, the Paris-based designer has also presented interior design, master classes. And she also has a design studio in Paris, a showroom, and a shop for decoration accessories and furniture.

Owner of a unique style transmitted through the authenticity of her projects. India Mahdavi is a great talent supporter and does this work through the project room.

The Project Room by India Mahdavi

The project room is a space, designed by India Mahdavi, totally focused on expression and collaboration. Four times a year, the designer invites produce and exhibits artists from all over the world to come and decorate the project room.

In addition to the decoration of the room, the artists are invited to conversations where their mutual inspirations are discussed, in order to stimulate the sharing of ideas between professionals to create a unique eclectic space.

Project room- india mahdavi- bellechasse
Project room- india mahdavi- bellechasse

The project, which had its second session this year, revolves around the “Autumn leaf”, color nº 25 of the Flores collection that she designed for Mériguet-Carrère. And it had Chris Wolston in charge of the seats with his anthropomorphic wicker chairs. Les Crafties, in turn, is in charge of creating a dialogue between colors through their textile creations. And the Clover chandelier, born from the collaboration between India Mahdavi and Wonderglass, illuminates this true cave of treasures.

Each piece is like a piece of art. What comes from a close collaboration with artisans by mixing craftsmanship with modernity, imagination with materials, and function with joy. And the result is unique pieces, limited editions, cartes blanches, invitations, and exclusive collaborations.

Project room- india mahdavi-bellechasse

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