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CASACOR Miami : Americas’ Design Event

Casacor miami

CASACOR Miami : Americas’ Design Event

CASACOR is an annual design event that takes place in America. It’s the most renowned event of its kind in the region.

For those of you who don’t know, CASACOR is the most complete architecture, interior, and landscaping design exhibition. It made its debut in Northern America in 2017 with CASACOR Miami. Since then, it took place there 3 years in a row.

Pinifarina decor 2019

CASACOR first begun in 1987 in Brasil. Known for its success each year, the event takes now place in 20 Brasilian cities plus 6 countries.

CASACOR belongs to the Grupo Abril, one of the biggest and most influential communication group in Latino America.

Alex tate design casacor 2019

This event allows architects, designers and landscapers to show their work and defend a cause which is often the theme of the event. Concerts, talks, etc. are also displayed along the event. Its primary goal let’s say it’s to introduce and/or congratulate emergent designers to the world.

Allan malouf's decor

Point often overlooked is that the event has a social, cultural and charitable end. In fact, part of the funds raised are distributed to charitable organizations.

Leo shetman's apartment decor


CASACOR‘s last edition was in December 2019. It took place during the Art Basel at Miami’s Brickell City Centre. The theme was “Sustainability and Urban Living”. It is important to realize that sustainability has been being one of the main topics these past years with all the changes the world has been suffering. Designers of all over the world have attended like Ukraine’s rising contemporary star YODEZEEN. Also, there were the world-renowned Brazilian designer Sig Bergamin and established design firm Moniomi Design.

Undoubtedly, if you’re a designer or simply a design lover, make sure you go. Let yourself emerge in this inspiring world! In case you can’t allow it to go down there, you have some of the best events of design in Europe as MOM or Decorex. Unfortunately, we don’t have the dates yet but stay tuned and we’ll inform you 😉

Light on white 2019

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What’s your opinion about CASACOR Miami? Have you felt in love by this article? Let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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