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Alonso and Johanknecht : cofounders of Commune

Roman alonso and steven johanknecht

Alonso and Johanknecht : cofounders of Commune

Roman Alonso and Steven Johanknecht are the heads behind Commune Design. Commune is an LA-based design studio which has designed residential, commercial and hospitality projects worldwide. Also, they have designed a vast range of products, graphic and design concepts for the artistic industry.


Alonso and johanknecht's decor


Alonso and Johanknecht

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela and New York, the designers went to Los Angeles and became influential ambassadors of the new LA. In fact, LA was still under the industrial profile but these two contributed to the new style of the city. In other words, a cool, Bohemian and chic city.


Johanknecht's room
Alonso and johanknecht's decor
Alonso's daybed


Not only they are partners, but also neighbors. In fact, Alonso and Johanknecht have both elected a pair of apartments in a 1966 twin buildings in Los Feliz. Nearby the Griffith Park, a nature motherland in LA, both agreed that they need a change from the big houses.


Alonso's room


Knowing each other from their previous work, it was easy to co-found Commune. In fact, both worked at Barneys in New York before moving to LA. Commune stands for community, and the designers’ lifestyle definitely proves the sense of that word.


Alonso and johanknecht's decor


Besides, they collaborate with a lot of artists, artisans and craftsmen. Most important, they collaborate with their clients in order to achieve their projects. That’s their source of creativity and inspiration.

Alma Allen, Adam Silverman, Stan Bitters or Michael Boyd among others are some of their collaborations.


Paradise cove trailer


Artistically speaking, the designers inspire in various styles. From the 50s to Bauhaus, passing by the midcentury, they converge their mutual yet different tastes to success.


Durham hotel by alonso and johanknecht


Alonso and Johanknecht’s studio has been rewarded several times by Elle Decor A-List and AD 100. They have also received a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design in 2015.


Tartine manufactury


To sum up, great minds think alike and achieve together.

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