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7 Interior Design Styles On Trend

Interior design styles

7 Interior Design Styles On Trend

In the world of interior design, creativity is a constant driving force behind the evolution and reinvention of styles over time.

The interior design styles that are currently on the rise offer a wide range of options for transforming any space into an environment that reflects personality and good taste. Each with its own distinct aesthetic and unique appeal. From the timeless glamor of Art Deco to the elegant simplicity of Minimalism.

Interior Design Styles: Minimalism

Within the spectrum of interior design styles, Minimalism offers a counterpoint to the opulence of Art Deco, emphasizing simplicity and paring down to essentials. Neutral hues, sleek furnishings, and the mantra of “less is more” characterize Minimalism, aiming to cultivate spaces free from superfluous ornamentation and centered on the purity of form and utility.

Interior design styles - minimalism

Image credit: Ella Everdeen

Interior design styles- minimalism

Image Credit: Cafeine

Interior Design Style: Artistic

The artistic interior design style is a vivid and unique expression of human creativity, where each element is carefully selected to create a livable work of art. This style embraces individuality and originality, and a whole world of vibrant colors, rich textures and innovative shapes.

Interior design styles artistic
Interior design styles- artistic

Interior Design Style: Art Deco

Art Deco, as a distinguished style within interior design, reached its zenith during the 1920s and 1930s, renowned for its geometric precision, lavish motifs, and opulent materials. This evocative style conjures an age of unparalleled glamour and refinement, boasting sumptuous details like gleaming metals, veined marble, mirrored accents, and rich, decadent colors. Art Deco interiors are sanctuaries of indulgence and vintage allure, marrying elegant, sinuous furnishings with theatrical decorative flourishes.

Interior design styles- art deco

Image Credit: Swati Goorha Designs

Interior design types- art deco

Interior Design Style: Contemporary

Within the landscape of interior design styles, the Contemporary style emerges as a dynamic blend of diverse inspirations, resulting in spaces that capture the essence of current trends and individual preferences. Characterized by its eclectic feel, this style encompasses a wide spectrum of elements, from elegant minimalism to bold maximalism. Vibrant color palettes, geometric patterns and an interplay of textures are characteristic of contemporary interiors, shaping environments in this style of interior design that are visually impressive and reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of their inhabitants.

Interior design styles-contemporary

Image Credit: Ewelina Art Studio / Ewelina Makosa

Interior design styles-contemporary

NUON – Amsterdam Headquarters

Image Credit: Rick Geenjaar

Interior Design Style: Mid-century Modern

In the realm of interior design styles, Mid-century Modern draws inspiration from the design ethos of the 1940s to 1960s, renowned for its enduring aesthetic appeal. Defined by its organic lines, clean shapes, and use of natural materials like wood and leather, this style seamlessly blends the comfort of traditional design with the progressive essence of modernism. Iconic furniture pieces often take center stage in Mid-century Modern interiors, shaping spaces that exude both inviting warmth and timeless elegance.

Interior design style-mid-century
Interior design style-mid-century

Interior Design Style: Post-Modern

The postmodern style in interior design styles is an audacious expression of creativity and the breaking of conventions. Originating in the last decades of the 20th century, this style challenges established norms, fusing influences from different eras and cultures. Characterized by the unexpected combination of materials, shapes and colors, postmodernism creates visually stimulating and surprising spaces. The creation of these eclectic environments reflects the individuality and complexity of the contemporary world.

Interior design styles-postmodern

Interior Design Style: Futurist

The futuristic interior design style is a bold and innovative approach that seeks to create spaces that look like they belong in an advanced and technologically sophisticated world. Inspired by the vision of the future, this style incorporates high-tech elements, futuristic materials and organic shapes to create environments that seem straight out of a science fiction scene.

Interior design styles-futurist

Image Credit: Home Designing

Interior design styles-futurist

Image Credit: Livinator

What’s your opinion about the Interior Design Styles? Are you passionate about any of them? So let us know!

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