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The artistic vision of seating

An immersive exploration into the fusion of design and artistry within the realm of seating unravels a tapestry of innovation, where upholstery pieces metamorphose into artistic expressions that transcend the ordinary.

Malabar invites you to immerse yourself in a symphony of design and trends, where every seat becomes a canvas, and every moment spent seated becomes an encounter with artistic innovation.

E-book: the artistic vision of seating
Viginti xx armchair

Stripe it up

From fashion to decoration, stripes are back in vogue, and there is no limit to what one can do with a striped pattern. The comeback trend sparked the impulse for Malabar designers to blend it with bold colors.

Checker Craze

Behold the foremost prognostication in trends for the year: the resplendent resurgence of checkers. So, why not dress up your seating with the charm of checkered motifs? Witness its evolution, from the quintessential monochromatic lattice to the myriad of multicolored interpretations.

The artistic vision of seating
The artistic vision of seating

Trendy Side Of Abstract

Abstract composition employs the lexicon of shapes, forms, hues, and expressive strokes to creations that eschew the pursuit of meticulous representation of visual reality. This artistic inclination finds resonance within the realm of design, where seating is transformed into a canvas for innovative expression to provoke contemplation and conjure a distinctive realm of aesthetic engagement.