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Always curious about new scientific discoveries, the atom becomes one of Salvador Dalí’s favorite subjects of reflection. Dalí borrows the image of a Madonna by Raphael Sanzio to conceive the Maximum Speed of Raphael’s Madonna. She breaks up into spheres, geometrically perfect figures, and forms resembling rhinoceros horns as Dalí unearths logarithmic spiral forms based on the pattern of Divine Proportion. Inspired by the so-called “atomic period” of Dalí, Malabar designers conceived the Madonna Ottoman.

This art-filled ottoman features four marble spheres feet and two jacquard velvet upholstered layers. This art-inspired ottoman will enhance your interiors by placing it at select vantage points in your home décor.

Technical Info

Width: 110 cm | 43.3”
Depht: 110 cm | 43.3”
Height: 45 cm | 17.7”
Materials: Upholstery in jacquard velvet. Feet in Marble

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