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Inspired by the so-called “atomic period” of Dalí, Malabar designers conceived the Object of Desire Madonna stool.
A Object of Desire, the Madonna Stool, features four Verde Guatemala marble spheres feet and two jacquard velvet upholstered layers.


Malabar designers conceived this Object of Desire. Define your living room décor with the Mood Sofa that can be tailored to your design space and taste becoming a focal point of your decor.


An Object of Desire, a conceptual yet functional, the art-filled round Starry Mirror combines in harmony irregular shapes of three exquisite materials, such as polished hammered brass, Carrara marble, and lacquered wood finished with high gloss varnish.


Playing with scales and spheres, Malabar designers conceived with artistry this Object of Desire, the Galatea Armchair.

Mak Suh Muh

Playing with vivid colors and bold shapes, Malabar Future Classics designers conceived the playful, artsy, and extravagant Mak Suh Muh Dining Chair is an Object of Desire.

La Joie

Inspired by the evocation a more psychological reflection on couple life’s joys of the painting, where hands touch, Malabar’s Future Classics collection designers conceived this art looker La Joie Mirror is an Object of Desire.

Mon Ooh

Blurring the line between art and design, this Object of Desire was designed for living and dining rooms, fulfilling the desire for art yet furniture, the Mon Ooh sideboard will be a statement of your décor.

La Toile

Playful as artistic, living between the design and the art world, viewed from the top, an Object of Desire, La Toile center table, from the Future Classics, like a real abstract hand-painting.


The Gala Armchair, from the Future Classics collection and a Object of Desire, was designed to be the revolution of your art-filled living room.

Ih Maj In

This Object of Desire, inspired by the emphasize combination of forms in Picasso’s cubism art paintings, his use of color and geometrical figures, Malabar designers imagined this exquisite and refined art piece – the Ih Maj In.

La Voix

By distorting the scale, weight, and use of an ordinary object and inserting it into a variety of contexts inspired Malabar Future Classics designers to conceived the La Voix Armchair, an Object of Desire.

Azulejo III

The Azulejo III Portuguese Guitar is an Object of Desire and a tribute to the artistic expression of a nation. The history of the people is transcribed to the original ceramic pieces, painted in warm colors, which decorate the walls of the seaside country: the tiles, a national icon that Malabar is proud to honor.

Fauves Nightstand

An Object of Desire, this bedside features a wooden structure hand-painted with simple abstract forms but bold colors, adorned with Verde Guatemala marble, supported by a polished brass base. This fauvism-inspired nightstand was designed to boost any art-filled bedroom. .

Silo Wall Lamp

Inspired by the Cape Town design district lifestyle, Creativemary designers conceived an Object of Desire, the Silo wall lamp. Balancing proportion, each shade is design to achieve equilibrium between decorative shadow and functional double-headed light.