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TOP 10 Interior Hospitality Projects in London

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TOP 10 Interior Hospitality Projects in London

Do you’re an Interior Hospitality Projects appreciate and a London Lover? This post was made for you. Today we’re gonna show you some of the best Interior Hospitality Projects in London.

  • The Beaumont

    Firstly, the first hotel designed by Corbin & King,  is the Beaumont. Beaumont is a luxury five-star hotel in the heart of Mayfair combining Art Deco-style interiors with twenties panache.

  • The Langham

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Secondly, Richmond International. It was re-designed piece by piece of this contemporary hotel.

  • Boundary Boundary london rooftop pInterior hospitality projects

    Do you love art and admires design? This Boundary was designed for you.

  • The London Edition

    The architecture firm Yabu Pushelburg introduces a beautifully restored property in contract furniture with Marriott.

  • The Ritz


    So would you like to stay in the most glamours hotel in London? Stay in Ritz five-stars hotel. The rooms and suites are all individually designed by Cesar.

  • The Shangri-La at the Shard

    Interior hospitality projects

    If you would like to see all the sights of London by night, The Shangri-La at the Shard has the best views of the City.

  • 45 Park Lane

    Interior hospitality projects

Combining art decor with dark wood, suede, and leather, 45 Park Lane is one of the most iconic hotels in London.

  • Scarfes Bar- The Rosewood Hotel

    Interior hospitality projects

The Rosewood London hotel is a perfect example of how he effortlessly combines indulgent colors.

  • The Metropolitan Hotel
    Interior hospitality projects

    This boutique hotel in London offers perfectly curated experiences of the city.

  • The Dorchester
    Interior hospitality projects

Finally, The Dorchester, overlooking Hyde Park. Certainly, It represents an enduring standard of excellence among luxury best interiors hotels throughout the world.


So what’s your opinion about 10 TOP Interior Hospitality Projects? We are totally in love with all of them. So if you want to keep inspired stay tuned to our blog.

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