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Emotional Brands is heading up to Jeddah for the 2016 Decofair, the Saudi Arabia’s International Design Trade Show from the 7h to the 10th of November.

This year, the Portuguese design studio which creates, manages and promotes a group of high-end brands through an incessant research and study of worldwide trends, is bringing impressive modern furniture design pieces to the Booth B-32 of the venue.

Emotional Brands

Malabar | Emotional Brands

From Portugal to Jeddah, the artistic furniture brand Malabar will bring all the heritage, tradition and craftsmanship through unique modern furniture pieces, such as the mysterious and glorious Nebula Dining Table and the iconic Arrow Cabinet. Also, the new Leonor Console will embellish the Jeddah Hilton Hotel with its classic yet designing look.


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Creativemary | Emotional Brands

Creativemary is spreading its passion about lamps, blending inspirations from nature and metropolis heartbeats through unique design pieces that will leave a mark in the visitors’ memory. The brand-new clean and sober Arrow Wall Lamp is one of the new lighting addictions that the brand will showcase during Decofair.

The imposing Granville Wall Lamp borrows the dramatic spirit of the island and the skyline of Vancouver, being another must have for any contemporary living space.


Ottiu | Emotional Brands

The mid-century modern upholstery brand Ottiu is ready to break into DecoFair with stunning design pieces, emphasizing its inspirations in Hollywood, glamour and feminine lines. One of the shining stars of the B-32 will be the tribute armchair to Grace Kelly- the Kelly Dining Chair as well as Visconti Armchair, inspired by the melodrama lover Luchino Visconti.

Emotional Brands

Emotional Brands is proud to be part of such important International Design Trade Show for the 2nd time and to have the opportunity to take the knowledge of our specialized artisans and the talent of our Portuguese design team overseas.

If you are planning to attend Decofair 2016, don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the world of heart crafted luxury. Come and visit us… we want to afford you the best comfort and design experience of your lives.

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