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Best Hotel Restaurant and Bar Interior Design

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Best Hotel Restaurant and Bar Interior Design

A nicely crafted drink alone doesn’t necessarily make for an unforgettable evening at a bar and, at restaurants, the lead role is no longer the food itself. Experiences are just as much about the atmosphere and designed spaces as they are about special concoctions, especially when in a Hotel, a place of hospitality. A good interior design, hospitality design, can do as much for a bar or restaurant as great food and drinks can! Creating it is anything but simple. There are thousands and thousands of factors to juggle – the style? Safety regulations? Workflow?

When we think about all these questions maybe we’ll gain a whole new appreciation for these spaces designed to be as cozy or luxurious as we dream. We made this shortlist of some great hotel’s restaurant and bar interior designs for you. Here we present the Best Hotel Restaurant and Bar Interior Design.

Alain Ducasse, Plaza Athénée, Paris

Best hotel's restaurant and bar interior design

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of Jouin Manku Design Studio created two restaurant spaces: one ambiance for breakfast and another for the haute-cuisine restaurant, differentiated by the tableware, the lighting, and totally different spatial organizations. This piece of micro-architecture is a theatrical presence within the overall decor, highlighting the character of the project. The alcove’s inner surface is finished with the imprint of the restaurant’s original screens, with embroidered details of vegetables- like spirits of the past.

Bankers Bar, Mandarim Oriental Hotel, Barcelona

Best hotel's restaurant and bar interior design

With a ceiling fashioned from original security boxes hinting to the building’s former use as a bank, our fabulous Banker’s Bar is both a vibrant nightspot and stunning piece of design.

Atmospherically lit with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, Banker’s Bar offers an extensive list of cocktails including much-loved classics alongside modern combinations specially created for the Bar including Doh Je Maguey, Glamour or our most popular order Bankers#3. We also serve a range of wines, champagnes and cavas to combine with the assortment of delicious delights from the Peruvian Chef Gastón Acurio such as Makis, Niguiris, tiraditos and ceviches.

L’AND, L’AND Resort Hotel, Montemor-O-Novo

Best hotels restaurants and bars interior designs 3L’and Vineyards Restaurant is contemporary in design, with the actual Alentejo landscape as the key design feature. Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan uses natural materials of stone, slate, and wood to provide an earthy texture to surfaces. Recessed shelves are sculpted into the back wall, allowing for the display of decorative items as well as a showcase for the bottles of L’And wines served at dinner. Hanging overhead is an abundance of chromatic glass lamps in bronze, silver and gold. The unique lighting concept is as much an art installation piece as it is a functional lighting solution.

Le Louis XIV, l’Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo

Best hotel's restaurant and bar interior design

The restaurant’s new aspect, designed by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, subtly evokes the Riviera’s art de Vivre. A rigorous and yet infinitely warm special organization. Therefore, the centerpiece of the central axis, the “Office” stands in the center of the dining room. This is a bold decision, as it stages gestures normally hidden from guests, right in center stage. At the center, a 7 meters diameter chandelier overlooks the dining room. Seven hundred pieces of glass, all unique, carefully assembled by hand. The floor dressing evokes a stormy sky. Furniture with a sense of levity and lightness made of wood, light leather, chrome, and polished stainless steel.

Le Loft, Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, Viena

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A strikingly modern transformation of a typical Viennese café. So Le K-Fé in the hotel lobby serves an exclusive coffee blend by Old Vienna Coffee Roasters.

The Chiltern Firehouse, Chiltren Firehouse Hotel, London

Best hotel's restaurant and bar interior design

Finally, Chiltern Firehouse is Chef Balazs’s first hotel outside the US.  And now boasts a discreetly gated garden as the entrance. The staff’s aura of professionalism and sincerity hits you immediately: they’re uniformly well-drilled and rarely go off-script.

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