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Best Handpainted Furniture by Malabar | Artistic Furniture

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Best Handpainted Furniture by Malabar | Artistic Furniture

Handpainted Furniture has been enjoying a moment in the design and furniture spotlight for a little while now.  Today, we will introduce you to the beautiful and unique technique that Malabar highlights.

Here are some examples that exalt this handpainted furniture technique so perfectly.

Templo cabinet

Templo contemporary cabinet is inspired by the eccentric and unusual buildings of Gaudi, a Spanish artistic reference. In the simplest environment, it exalts life and joy, conveys positive feelings and provides a unique experience of contemplation.

Templo contemporary cabinet stands out in any room of a house or hotel area. It is a modern drinks cabinet so carefully hand-painted and finished that its appearance resembles actual ceramic tiles.

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Combining hand-painted tiles, gold leaf and walnut with a high gloss finish, Camelia modern center table is a remarkable piece that carries cultural tradition to exquisite living rooms.

Almirante cabinet - handpainted furniture

Despite the traditional material and technic, Almirante is a contemporary cabinet and an artistic piece. So Almirante combines a hand-painted wood and a gold plated brass base.
Almirante modern cabinet is a heritage piece with a contemporary design that will bring Portuguese tradition to your luxurious living spaces.

Camelia folding screenThe famed Portuguese tiles adorning Camelia folding screen uses the 17th Century style pattern camélia, still embellishing many of the walls in Lisbon nowadays. Combining classic floral motifs with mirrored surfaces, Camelia modern folding screen creates a versatile and stylish room divider, an ideal fit for both classic and contemporary spaces.

Azulejo iii guitar

Finally, a tribute to the artistic expression of a nation. The history of the people is transcribed to the original ceramic pieces, painted in warm colors, which decorate the walls of the seaside country. Therefore the tiles, a national icon that Malabar is proud to honor. This new interpretation of the Portuguese guitar is celebrated in the form of tiles of contrasting colors, carefully painted by the experienced hand of the painter. A bold version, which highlights the diverse geometric shapes and the audacious patterns that make this a unique piece.

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What’s your opinion about these handmade pieces conceived by Malabar? Have you felt in love with this article? So let us know! On the whole, stay tuned to our blog if you want to keep being inspired by design trends and décor ideas.

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