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Today we’re gonna present to you the Best European Destination. Competing with more 19 cities, between them, Berlin, Barcelona, London and Paris, Porto was been choose as the Best European Destination for 2017. And we pretend to explain and show you why Porto is permanently one of the Best European Cities.

We can not talk about Portugal and don’t talk about wine. Port wine, most popular know as Vinho do Porto, is a Portuguese fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro Valley is the most popular wine of Porto region.

  • Porto Wine

There almost 20 Port Wine Cellars in Vila de Nova de Gaia. In the most popular are Croft, Sandeman, Ferreira and Porto Cruz.

  • Portuguese Food

Of course, to drink wine, we have to eat tasty Contemporanea food. Knowing for the delicious dishes, each Portugal region has a typical dishes and the most famous is the Francesinha. 

Francesinha is perfect to eat in every time of the year. But it’s not only the food and wine that attracts every year, thousands of tourists to come to Porto.

  • Portugues Historic Buildings

Get more famous since the J. K. Rowling told the Livraria Lello was one the inspirations for the Harry Potters. The Livraria Lello not only impress the Book Lovers or the Harry Potters Fans but also for the Architecture admirer.  

Three minutes walking from Livraria Lello there is “Torre dos Clérigos“, one of the most popular historic building of Porto.


  • Fado

Go to Portugal doesn’t hear Fado is the same that go to Rome and don’t see the Pope.

Fado is a Portuguese Music Style, which normally is compost by a Fadista, who sings and accompanied by a Portuguese and a Classic Guitar.

So to honour this wonderful city and with the Fado in mind, Malabar started her first collection, “Tudo isto é…”,  with handmade Portuguese Guitars.

The name of this portuguese guitar is Fado and it’s the most special one.


” When Fado is sung, the world hears passions, saudade, and the heartbreaks in life.” 

But there are three more Portuguese Guitars, all inspired by Portuguese traditions.


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