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About Us - Malabar Artistic Furniture

Malabar designs and crafts exclusive artisanal furniture with a distinct artistic aesthetic.

Established in 2012 with the launch of a range of decorative Portuguese Fado guitars and the World Architects furniture collection, Malabar has released to date a total of 4 exceptional furniture and accessories collections.

Malabar has left its stamp on major international tradeshows such as 100% Design London, Maison&Objet, Decorex, Stockholm Furniture Fair or Seoul International.

Our furniture design and production stems from the Oporto area, a northern region in Portugal with a long and strong tradition in artisanal handmade furniture. Our design identity is based on modernizing the architectural and artistic heritage of the past 5 centuries, both Portuguese and international, while seeking to evoke emotions through its pieces. Our unique furniture offer is defined as a preference for noble woods and our artisan’s expertise in different wood crafting techniques.

Combining wood, a preference for black and neutral colors, our designers’ vision and our artisan’s know-how results in refined, classic and yet contemporary furniture.

All of our pieces are produced with noble, premium and durable materials such as wood, brass, gold leaf, silver leaf, among others, by talented craftsmen and artists. Our design and marketing teams are fully devoted to providing our trade clients with rigorous design, production and assistance in the process of choosing, customizing and purchasing.

We strive to meet global high-standards while working locally with portuguese know-how, commitment and emotion.

What Moves Us

Similarly to what happened in the Age of Discoveries, Malabar aims to design unique pieces of high refinement with a Portuguese signature. Sophisticated, seductive and enthralling, the pieces of our collections include furniture and furnishing accessories.
To create our unique furniture offer, comprised of seductive pieces that tell a story, we make use of the noblest woods, different crafting techniques, and above all, Portuguese heart, soul and tradition. We like to call them pieces and not products because we believe we create pieces of art that rise above its function. Malabar’s furniture and interior decor accessories are a perfect fit for modern homes with a taste for the classic or classic homes with a taste for contemporary, minimalist or even modern nature inspired furniture. Concept “Malabar” derives from the Malabar region in southern India. During the Age of Discoveries, the Malabar black pepper was one of the oriental spices that were brought to Portugal by the adventurous sailors.
We drink from the Portuguese soul and tradition, recreating them, breaking barriers, expanding borders with sophistication, charm and passion.


Conceive sophisticated and captivating pieces that arouse emotions with our signature Lusitanian design and craft.


Representing design excellence and to become internationally recognized in promoting the best of Portuguese design and craftsmanship.

Design Values

By combining the experience of artisans and the latest technologies, we create innovative and artistic pieces – two essential attributes that characterize all Malabar products, elevating them to a higher state of refinement.

The Malabar black pepper, along with other fine oriental spices, changed the course of the commercial history, with the discovery of the Cape Route. It was the preciousness of these spices that persuaded the Portuguese merchants to chart a bold sea route during the discoveries period. We value the creation of high quality design pieces that are 100% Portuguese, but open to cultures and artistic expressions from all around the world.

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